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Financial automation, or robo-advising, is a quickly growing industry. Trends such as WallStreetBets, the subreddit that led the GameStop surge, have sparked interest in

For decades, many businesses have experienced a race to incorporate the newest and best technologies in their organizations. Professor of Information Systems and David

Sit down with Marcus Collins, Senior Vice President for Social Engagement at the Doner Agency, as he shares his insights on the ways organizations

The pandemic has increased dependence on online shopping and the way consumers interact with companies. How has the digital purchase journey changed for retailers?

Companies are rapidly deploying artificial intelligence to lessen the burden on service employees and create a more streamlined process. Michelle Shell, Visiting Assistant Professor,

While open collaboration platforms like Wikipedia have dramatically increased the world’s access to educational information, enormous gaps remain that may actually drive economic inequities.

New research found that consumers’ actions indicate that they don’t value online privacy nearly as much as they say, that individual tracking data is

New research from Andrei Hagiu challenges the assumption that it’s possible to use customer data to gain an unbeatable competitive edge.