Future of Work

American Sociological Review recently published an article authored by Michel Anteby, Dean’s Research Scholar and Professor, Management & Organizations and Audrey Holm, Lecturer, Management

How should students navigate the job market and negotiating their salaries? Moshe Cohen, senior lecturer of Management & Organizations and author of Collywobbles, How

The past year has brought a lot of trauma. How should organizations respond as it pertains to their employees? Should companies provide resources or

Associate Professor of Management & Organizations Michael Anteby researches the role that ghostwriters play in creating "authentic" content for the people for whom they

Restrictions on student and work visas are directing international applicants to universities in other countries. Shulamit Kahn and Megan MacGarvie, associate professors in Markets,

Data from managers across the world about how they are coping with COVID-19 found a lack of clarity, fading connections, low motivation, and overwhelming

Charles Tharp, a professor of the practice and former head of HR at Bristol Myers Squibb, on starting, maintaining, or resurrecting your career during

What’s your tactic for enduring boring meetings? Whether you write your shopping list, play buzzword bingo, or just zone out, the outcome is usually