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Diagnostic care health applications, enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), have become more widely available directly to consumers, including on mobile devices. However, consumers have

What impact will telemedicine and digital technology have on the U.S. healthcare system? Will telemedicine continue to be popular after COVID? What types of

A recent survey conducted over social media by Abraham (Avi) Seidmann, Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar and Professor of Information Systems at Boston

Many hospitals are struggling during COVID as they've had to shut down other wings to keep COVID patients safe. Do you forecast any hospitals

A new survey of more than 6,500 U.S. blood cancer patients and survivors reveals only half are likely to get a COVID vaccine while

As pharmaceutical companies and politicians scramble to disseminate the COVID-19 vaccine, one thing has become clear – accessibility is not equal. Insights@Questrom spoke with

The nation’s leading experts in biopharmaceutical innovation and pricing reform recently convened for a virtual discussion exploring the relationship between innovation and product pricing.

What impact has the pandemic had on the current US health insurance system? What bottlenecks/constraints have there been to care, and are there ways