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As pharmaceutical companies and politicians scramble to disseminate the COVID-19 vaccine, one thing has become clear – accessibility is not equal. Insights@Questrom spoke with

The nation’s leading experts in biopharmaceutical innovation and pricing reform recently convened for a virtual discussion exploring the relationship between innovation and product pricing.

What impact has the pandemic had on the current US health insurance system? What bottlenecks/constraints have there been to care, and are there ways

Pfizer and Moderna are working rapidly to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine. Insights@Questrom spoke with Marcus Bellamy, Assistant Professor, Operations & Technology Management, to

A new study suggests that up to a third of "excess deaths" in 2020 may not be attributable directly to COVID, but to healthcare

Initial results for the Pfizer vaccine suggest that the vaccine is 95% effective. Eric Jacquier, clinical professor of finance, explains how this relatively small

In this Q&A, Questrom Magazine talks with Jonathan Woodson and Anita Tucker about improving healthcare coverage, fixing supply issues, and tracking future outbreaks.

Questrom’s healthcare experts Avi Seidman and Jonathan Woodson, MD, MSS, consider COVID-19 as a watershed moment for healthcare. The two recount the pandemic as