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In this Insights Q&A, a team of Questrom researchers- Assistant Professor, Marketing Chiara Longoni, Associate Professor, Marketing Remi Trudel, and PhD Marketing Student Anna

Estelle Yuan Sun, Associate Professor in Accounting at Questrom, discusses her recent research on firms disclosing information related to climate risk exposure given the

Harvard Business Review recently published an article coauthored by Caroline Flammer, Dean’s Research Scholar and Associate Professor of Strategy and Innovation. Caroline and her

For 20 years progressive thinkers have argued that a more sustainable form of capitalism would arise if companies regularly measured and reported on their

The power outages in Texas due to a winter storm are causing people to point to the fragility of energy systems powered by fossil

What climate change policies should be passed now as the US enters the final stretch of the election period? What policies should be considered

Questrom’s Andy King recently published an article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review on the “win-win” strategies businesses utilize. It explores the ways in

How does a food start-up achieve distribution at 12,000 supermarkets, including Publix, Costco, and Whole Foods, while promoting sustainable farming and business practices? Learn