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The pandemic has forced the world to rethink the way we work. In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Senior Lecturer, Management & Organizations James French

Team learning has become more important than ever as remote work technologies enable easier collaboration across great distances. In this Insights Q&A, three Questrom

Moshe Cohen provides insight on the importance of assessment when negotiating a job offer. He offers advice and guidance on the different factors that

American Sociological Review recently published an article authored by Michel Anteby, Dean’s Research Scholar and Professor, Management & Organizations and Audrey Holm, Lecturer, Management

The past year has brought a lot of trauma. How should organizations respond as it pertains to their employees? Should companies provide resources or

Lecturer of Management Constance Hadley recently had a piece published in MIT Sloan Management Review on team member loneliness. Specifically, her piece looks at

What are key conflict management strategies that managers should know? Why is it important to manage conflicts in your organizations efficiently? Have these strategies

Associate Professor of Management & Organizations Michael Anteby researches the role that ghostwriters play in creating "authentic" content for the people for whom they