Financial automation, or robo-advising, is a quickly growing industry. Trends such as WallStreetBets, the subreddit that led the GameStop surge, have sparked interest in

For decades, many businesses have experienced a race to incorporate the newest and best technologies in their organizations. Professor of Information Systems and David

Tesary Lin, Assistant Professor, Marketing, explores recent changes in privacy protection, such as Apple’s new iOS 14, and their effects on advertisers. She explains

New research from Pnina Feldman, Associate Professor, Operations & Technology Management, explores whether congestion pricing can offer a solution to urban parking problems and

Nitin Joglekar, Associate Professor, Operations and Technology Management, is currently serving as an expert on advanced manufacturing and supply chains, within the Global Futures

MIT Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management Science Catherine Tucker takes viewers through her recent research looking at the ways algorithms appear to reinforce existing

Companies are rapidly deploying artificial intelligence to lessen the burden on service employees and create a more streamlined process. Michelle Shell, Visiting Assistant Professor,

Research by Chiara Longoni, Assistant Professor of Marketing, explores what is known as the “word-of-machine effect,” where customers view AI as more competent than