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WalletHub recently published an article featuring insight from Pearl Steinbuch, Senior Lecturer of Markets, Public Policy, and Law. Pearl spoke on “no balance transfer fee” credit cards and what consumers should consider most when selecting a credit card. I think that many people focus on the promotional 0% APR, more than the balance transfer fee. However, consumers must realize that if there is a balance transfer

In this episode of Fiona’s R&D Tax Credit Podcast, Questrom Lecturer of Strategy & Innovation Catherine Fazio discusses the impact of research & design (R&D) tax credits on entrepreneurship. She dives into her research, called the Startup Cartography Project, which found that R&D credits lead to higher startup formation. Listen to the full podcast: https://iono.fm/e/1013796

Recently, Christie's auctioned a purely digital work of art for $69.3M. With the sale, the digital piece became the most expensive NFT to ever sell. Carey Morewedge, Professor of Marketing, offered a glimpse into the world of NFTs …

WalletHub sat down with Greg Stoller, Senior Lecturer of Strategy & Innovation, to discuss the role state policymakers can play in creating innovative eco-systems.

Forbes recently published an article featuring insight from Constance Hadley, Lecturer of Management & Organizations. Constance responded to results of a workplace return to office survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, which found that 85% of U.S. workers are looking forward to returning to the office and 61% want employers to strictly enforce Covid-19 workplace regulations.

Forbes recently posted an article featuring insights from Laurina Zhang, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation. Laurina provided commentary on the recent pledge by McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski to support women that raise allegations of sexual harassment.