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Fortune recently featured insight co-authored by Chiara Longoni, Assistant Professor in Marketing, from her published paper in Nature Human Behavior examining how well people understand and trust A.I. systems used in healthcare to make medical decisions. From their research, Chiara and her co-authors found that people are reluctant to utilize A.I. in part because they overestimate their understanding of how human doctors’ reach medical decisions. Read the full article here.  

The Boston Herald recently published insight from Jay Zagorsky, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Markets, Public Policy, and Law, on vulnerabilities of the global manufacturing supply chain that have become exposed during the pandemic. “The pandemic has shown that extended supply chains and factories located halfway around the world is not really the most efficient way to create products.” As Jay explains, the the combination of sudden economic gains and rising consumer spending has resulted in

Jay Zagorsky, Senior Lecturer in Markets, Public Policy, & Law, was a recent guest on Top of Mind with Julie Rose on SiriusXM's BYU Radio to discuss El Salvador's recent move to accept Bitcoin as legal tender.

The United States Mint Director is calling for people to spend their change as country is hit by coin shortage. Michael George reports. - Oct 3, 2021, Courtesy CBS News CBS News’ Michael George recently interviewed Jay Zagorsky, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Markets, Public Policy, and Law, on the coin shortage caused by Americans going cashless. “Most of us have credit cards, most of us have debit cards, but somewhere around 7% of U.S. society

TechTarget recently published insight co-authored by Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom Professor of Management and Professor of Information Systems, on the topic of South Korea potentially banning Apple and Google from charging developers commission fees on in-app purchases, as well as on app competition in general. The article also covers the lack of consistent regulation of big tech companies, with recommendations from the authors on authorities can increase regulation in the future. Read the Full Article

MarketWatch recently featured an opinion piece authored by Jetson Leder-Luis, Assistant Professor in the Department of Markets, Public Policy, and Law. First published as the lead story in the newsletter of The Conversation, a leading news service centered on academic contributors, Jetson wrote on the risk of fraud within the $4.5 trillion the U.S. government could potentially spend this year on investments in infrastructure. An expert on fraud in public spending, Jetson breaks down how this