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Welcome to Insights@Questrom, a new digital hub for relevant, thought-provoking ideas on emerging business topics by Boston University Questrom School of Business. This platform will feature valuable insights for business practice in the form of videos, articles, webinars, and opinion pieces surrounding Questrom's latest research and initiatives as well as expertise from Questrom faculty, administrators, students, and alumni.

Through Insights@Questrom, we capture and collect ideas in a comprehensive, accessible format that highlights the extraordinary variety of thought at Questrom and at Boston University.

This hub is divided into two categories – business challenges and business functions. Business challenges include business policy & markets, digital business, diversity, equity & inclusion, entrepreneurship & innovation, future of work, health & healthcare, risk, and social impact. Business functions include corporate strategy, finance & accounting, leadership & management, marketing, operations, innovation, and technology.

Visitors can also access exclusive Insights@Questrom Live events and videos featuring prominent business leaders, Questrom alumni, and current faculty. Featured guests will share how they have navigated their industries, optimized business performance, and adapted to change. Faculty will share key take-aways from their research and apply their expertise to the current business landscape, on topics as varied as cryptocurrency, drug pricing, antitrust, and consumers’ acceptance of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Research Institutes

Our three research institutes, the Digital Business Institute, Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy, and the Human Resources Policy Institute, are essential contributors to Insights@Questrom. They produce thought leadership in areas critical to business success today. Read more about them below:

  • The Digital Business Institute nurtures a vibrant community of students, faculty, and researchers alike with interests in digital business, focusing on the practical application of research to the real-world challenges in our ever-changing business world.
  • The Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy develops ethical capacity in today’s and tomorrow’s global business decision-makers to lead with integrity, inspire courage through action, and use their voices boldly to impact their organizations and the world.
  • Human Resources Policy Institute harnesses the power of people to inspire, impact, and innovate modern HR policy and practice through a partnership of member companies, faculty, and HRPI fellows.

Be sure to check back often! Our content stream will be updated regularly with engaging ideas and valuable thought leadership.

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Latest Posts

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