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Friday, February 26 | 2:00-3:00pm ET

The US healthcare industry has wrestled with issues largely solvable by digital transformation for the last 20 years. The COVID crisis uncovered these glaring issues as the industry is on the precipice of change. Join guest speaker Anindya Ghose, Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business at NYU Stern School of Busines and author of the best-selling book, TAP: Unlocking the Mobile Economy, as he shares insights from his research showing

Monday, February 22 | 1:30-2:30pm ET

Join the Digital Business Institute and the Institute for Health Systems Innovation and Policy for Session 1 of a 7-part webinar series. The first session will address why the COVID crisis is driving the need for digital transformation in health care.

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Sit down with Marcus Collins, Senior Vice President for Social Engagement at the Doner Agency, as he shares his insights on the ways organizations can engage their consumers through the use of social media.

MIT Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management Science Catherine Tucker takes viewers through her recent research looking at the ways algorithms appear to reinforce existing inequalities. She uncovers some surprising underlying reasons, including cost-minimizing, machine learning, and relying on economic history to categorize consumers.

Steve Tadelis, Sarin Chair in Leadership and Strategy at the University of California, Berkley, Haas School of Business, walks viewers through different ways of increasing consumer confidence in online marketplaces. Each takes an engineering approach to economics: creating testable hypotheses and then using data to actually test them.

Between the abundance of marketing data out there and our constantly evolving environment, how can we leverage and process information effectively? Anne Bailey Berman (Questrom'80), co-founder of full-service market research company Chadwick Martin Bailey, has the answers.

How does a food start-up achieve distribution at 12,000 supermarkets, including Publix, Costco, and Whole Foods, while promoting sustainable farming and business practices? Learn about sustainable supply chains from Lucy Halperin Zaro, COO of Sweet Loren’s, the third highest-selling cookie dough company in the US.

Questrom Professor in Management Marshall Van Alstyne and David Austin Professor of Management at MIT Sloan Sinan Aral team up for an insightful look at social media and fake news. The two discuss the perils of both, why existing solutions don’t work, and offer practical fixes.

Questrom’s healthcare experts Avi Seidman and Jonathan Woodson, MD, MSS, consider COVID-19 as a watershed moment for healthcare. The two recount the pandemic as a time of digital domination, exposing many opportunities and threats as well as offering critical lessons for the future.

Michael J. Scanlon, Jr. (Questrom ’03), Managing Director at Manulife Investment Management, leads a conversation on the stock market in the time of COVID-19. Scanlon reflects on current trends, including what he sees as the best stock picking environment since the 2008 financial crisis.

With so much disruption, how are we managing the changes to our work life? How should we interact with our coworkers, our boss, our clients? How can we help our career thrive during this time? Hear from Elaine Varelas (Questrom’83), Managing Partner at Keystone Partners, on these topics, and more.

High-end retail marketing expert Alan Beck (Questrom’68), Senior Vice President of The Fragrance Group explores when and how to use data and when to trust your gut when making marketing decisions.

Join SV Health Investors' Eugene Hill (Questrom’80) for a discussion that tackles the evolution in healthcare technology, market enablers and barriers, and why telemedicine might be a lasting facet of the healthcare industry beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join Jack Ablin (Questrom’85), Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Cresset Partners as he examines the ultimate impact of COVID-19 on the stock market, the economy, and the labor market.

As Chairman & CEO of one of the largest consumer packages goods brokerage firms in the US, John Saidnaway (Questrom’82) of Johnson-O’Hare talks about managing the demands of more than 80 brands including Lysol, Purell, and Tyson during the pandemic and what post-COVID supply chains might look like.

Tobias Levkovich (Questrom ’85), Chief US Equity Strategist at Citi, presents a virtual town hall on the state of the stock market, which includes a survey Citi conducted with 125 clients on what earnings will be in 2021 and where they think opportunities may lie.