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What impact will the decision by Republican governors in 26 states to end enhanced unemployment benefits have on workers and the job market? Patricia Cortes, Associate Professor in Markets, Public Policy, and Law, discusses the ripple effects of this policy shift as some states reject and others embrace the expanded

How should the United States respond to the climate crisis? In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Professor of the Practice in Markets, Public Policy, and Law Peter Fox-Penner outlines his recommended framework for U.S. climate policy as lawmakers debate how best to address this critical issue.

The pandemic has forced the world to rethink the way we work. In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Senior Lecturer, Management & Organizations James French explains how the differing approaches of two Wall Street titans towards remote work has come to symbolize the debate taking place in corporate boardrooms everywhere.

Estelle Yuan Sun, Associate Professor in Accounting at Questrom, discusses her recent research on firms disclosing information related to climate risk exposure given the record-breaking weather events in the United States over recent years.

Is it possible to map out entrepreneurship across the United States? Catherine Fazio, Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation, explains in this Expert Take, the Startup Cartography Project, which aims to do exactly that. Fazio's work was recently featured in the New York Times Upshot feature.

What does GDP measure and why should managers care about this metric in their businesses? Senior Lecturer of Markets, Public Policy, and Law Jay Zagorsky sits down with Insights@Questrom to answer these questions and more.

Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy recently hosted a webinar featuring Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Questrom School of Business, Justin Ren, and Lecturer of Strategy and Innovation, Richard Stuebi, to speak on pervasive energy poverty in Africa. “This framework is not static, the intent of this framework

This episode of the Language of Business looks abroad at Japanese children’s clothing brand Miki House, online marketplace HireFive that matches Brazilian software developers with American startups, and the strong market for Questrom MBA programs—including the new online offering, open to business professionals worldwide.

Managing and growing a business is a challenge for every entrepreneur. How can that happen in a global pandemic? By staying nimble and pivoting where necessary. Greg Stoller, Senior Lecturer at Questrom, gathers insights from a number of entrepreneurs.

COVID-19 revealed significant weaknesses in the global medical supply chain, leaving hospitals without masks, PPE, and other critical supplies at a time when they were most needed. What happened over the past year in this important sector, and what lessons can we learn from it to be better prepared in

The pandemic has forever changed business, completely disrupting some industries—like radio, office leasing and job search platforms—while giving birth to others, such as Force of Nature, an appliance that converts salt, water and vinegar into a disinfectant.

Behavioral scientists have explored how certain nudges can influence individual behavior, but can those principles be applied to entire organizations? Nina Mazar, marketing professor and co-director of The Susilo Institute For Ethics In The Global Economy, explains her recent research into behavioral nudges on organizations and key findings for business

The performing arts can be an incredibly useful tool in helping individuals on the autism spectrum cope with social anxiety or social awkwardness. In this episode of Language of Business, hear from innovators in this space that are empowering people with autism.

Go behind the headlines into the seamier side of business with interviews with a lawyer in the Bernie Madoff case, the co-author of Betrayed: A Survivor’s Guide to Lying, Cheating & Double Dealing, a former Enron employee and a Questrom lecturer who teaches business ethics.

What happens to brands when there is external pressure to change, and how do brands remain authentic as they evolve? Susan Fournier, Allen Questrom Professor and Dean and Professor of Marketing, offers her expert take.

This episode takes a 360-degree view of an entirely new industry in the state of Massachusetts: cannabis. Hear from leaders of C3RN, CanWell, and INSA as well as the inaugural commissioner of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission—each of whom offers a unique perspective on this high-growth industry.

When will Congress get to a major “infrastructure bill” that has significant energy provisions in it, and what’s likely to be included? How does the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act compare to a price signal on carbon? Questrom's Peter Fox-Penner spoke with guest speaker US Representative Sean Casten (IL-06)

What does it take to go from the spark of an idea to founding a new company? This episode gives you insights from entrepreneurs who took a fresh approach to business-as-usual—and wound up launching start-ups in social-impact beverages, scan-based trading, outsourcing, and strategic consulting.

BU Questrom Professors Mark Williams and Gordon Burtch sat down to discuss the story that has captivated the financial world over the past two weeks: the social media-driven explosion of video game retailer GameStop’s stock price.

What impact does uncertainty, like the spread of COVID-19 in the Republican party, have on the stock market? How do investors typically behave in the face of uncertainty, and what can be done to mitigate the impact of uncertainty in the market? BU Questrom Finance Professor Fernando Zapatero offers his

Despite months of adding back jobs lost to COVID-19, economists predict that the unemployment rate will not fully recover until 2024. Why will it take so long for the unemployment rate to reach a healthy level? Are there interventions that can be taken to speed up recovery? Jay Zagorsky, Markets,

The eviction moratorium officially expired in Boston on Oct. 17, 2020. Learn more about the impact this will have on tenants and landlords, as well as the local economy, from Jetson Leder-Luis, Assistant Professor of Markets, Public Policy & Law at Questrom.

What climate change policies should be passed now as the US enters the final stretch of the election period? What policies should be considered during the transition period? Peter Fox-Penner, director of BU's Institute for Sustainable Energy and Questrom professor, provides his expert take on this important topic.

In this episode, Language of Business visits MassChallenge in Boston, a global network for innovators who are working to solves massive challenges, to meet three teams competing in the 2019 cohort.