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Is Creativity in Advertising Dead in the age of AI?

Last month, Insights@Questrom Live and the Susilo Institute for Ethics in the Global Economy webinar series welcomed Jeff Goodby, Co-Chair of Goodby Silverstein and Partners to answer the question, ‘is creativity in advertising dead in the age of AI?’ The webinar discussed artificial intelligence and its growth in recent years. With the growing use of […]

How Higher Ed Can Contend with Learning Platforms

Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Shipley Professor and Professor of Information Systems, and Andrei Hagiu, Associate Professor of Information Systems, discuss their recent article in Harvard Business Review on strategies to navigate the emerging landscape of learning platforms in higher education. Hosted by the Digital Business Institute.

How Companies Deal with Disruption

How can for-profit companies help the global community recover from disruption? In this Expert Take, Luis Ballesteros, Assistant Professor of Strategy & Innovation, discusses what his research reveals about the mechanisms and conditions that enable communities to recover more effectively from disruptions.

Money: It’s created. It’s destroyed. But what is it?

Mark Williams, Master Lecturer in Finance, sits down with Jacob Goldstein from Pushkin Industries to discuss money and what it is.

Blockchain, Beyond Crypto

CoinDesk, a leading online media platform that covers the cryptocurrency space, recently named BU to its global list of Best Universities for Blockchain2022.  We now offer 12 blockchain-related courses, including Blockchain and Social Impact and Crypto for Data Science. Join Professors Gerry Tsoukalas, Mark Williams, Steven Kou and moderator Tim Swanson, Head of Market Intelligence at […]

Gender Differences and the Job Search

In this Expert Take, Patricia Cortes, Associate Professor in Markets, Public Policy, and Law, discusses what her research suggests about gender-based differences in how and when job offers are accepted, and how these gaps can be narrowed.

Competition and Management Theory – Richard D’Aveni (QUESTROM MBA ’79)

How has the thinking shifted on competition in the marketplace over the past few decades- and how is that shift illustrated in the 1972 classic film The Godfather? In this Insights@Questrom interview, Questrom alum and management theory luminary Richard D’Aveni ’79 reflects on his lifetime of contributions to management theory, which were recognized this year by thought leadership platform Thinkers50, and how these ideas can take shape in the most unusual settings.

Expert Take: Oil Market Volatility

Why have oil market prices risen, and what does this mean for the future? In this Expert Take, Richard Stuebi, Lecturer in Strategy & Innovation, explores the driving factors behind these price trends and what the future of the U.S. holds.

Expert Take: The Future of Remote Work

The rise of remote work has upended traditional office dynamics. How can employees and managers maintain teamwork and social cohesion under this new system? In this Expert Take, Questrom Lecturer Constance Hadley, explains how loneliness in the workplace has grown and what her research suggests is the best approach to fixing it.

Expert Take: Measuring the Impact of Online Advertisements

How can companies effectively measure the impact of their advertisements online? Garrett Johnson, Assistant Professor in Marketing explains.

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