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Expert Take: Measuring the Impact of Online Advertisements

How can companies effectively measure the impact of their advertisements online? Garrett Johnson, Assistant Professor in Marketing explains.

David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz Visits Boston University’s Questrom School of Business

Boston University’s Questrom School of Business recently hosted an Insights@Questrom Live event with Boston Red Sox legend David “Big Papi” Ortiz. Susan Fournier, Allen Questrom Professor and Dean of Questrom School of Business, spoke with the baseball icon about his success in both sports and business.

Expert Take: Behavioral Science in the Wild

What is Behavioral Science in the Wild? In this Expert Take, Nina Mazar, Professor of Marketing, and Dilip Soman, Canada Research Chair at the University of Toronto, discuss the newly published book, Behavioral Science in the Wild, and how it can assist managers in implementing research findings on behavioral change within their organizations.

Expert Take: Racial Bias in Customer Service

How has racial bias become more evident in customer service? In this Expert Take, Questrom’s Avi Seidmann, Professor of Information Systems, dives into findings he co-researched on racial biases in customer service across industries and offers a practical yet powerful recommendation for companies to address the issue within their own hierarchies.

Expert Take: The Future of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and how are they becoming the next big trend in cryptocurrency? In this Expert Take, Anne Connelly, Faculty of Questrom School of Business, breaks down the rapid rise DAOs and what they will bring to the future of work.

China’s Tech Crackdown – Part 3: Industrial Policies Past, Present, & Future

How does China’s activity to regulate its tech sector compare to its previous approach to this rapidly growing industry? In the third and final installment of this three-part Insights@Questrom series, Senior Lecturer, Strategy and Innovation Greg Stoller interviews Larry Reines, an executive coach and consultant with years of experience doing business in China, to identify how this latest move fits into the overall trajectory of Chinese industrial policy in recent decades.

Insights@Questrom Live! The Cookies are Crumbling: What’s the Future of Digital Advertising?

Garrett Johnson, Assistant Professor of Marketing, recently spoke with Pete Howard, Professor of the Practice in Marketing and Executive Director of the Digital Business Institute, to discuss the future of digital advertising with cookies going by the wayside. This Insights@Questrom Live! event was hosted by the Digital Business Institute.

Expert Take: Trusting Medical Artificial Intelligence

Why do patients distrust Medical Artificial Intelligence technologies- and are they right to do so? In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Professor, Marketing Carey Morewedge and Assistant Professor, Marketing Chiara Longoni share the results of their latest research, which explores the reasons for patient skepticism of medical AI and suggests ways for health care providers to overcome those fears.

Expert Take: Regulating Prescription Drug Prices While Increasing Innovation

How can the pharmaceutical industry balance innovation with affordability? In this Expert Take, Questrom’s Rena Conti, Dean’s Research Scholar and Associate Professor, Markets, Public Policy, and Law analyses how drug pricing reforms can make a new generation of treatments more available.

What is the Metaverse and Why Should We Care?

Facebook’s recent announcement that it will adopt the brand name Meta signifies a new effort by the technology industry to race towards the next stage of the internet- what many are calling a “metaverse.” But what does that metaverse look like, and how close is it to becoming a reality? In this piece for Insights@Questrom, Questrom School of Business Professor of the Practice Peter J. Howard, who also leads the Digital Business Institute, tackles these questions with contributions from Artemis Huang, a research assistant, investigative reporter, and graduate student at the Boston University School of Journalism.