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This episode of the Language of Business looks abroad at Japanese children’s clothing brand Miki House, online marketplace HireFive that matches Brazilian software developers with American startups, and the strong market for Questrom MBA programs—including the new online offering, open to business professionals worldwide.

Managing and growing a business is a challenge for every entrepreneur. How can that happen in a global pandemic? By staying nimble and pivoting where necessary. Greg Stoller, Senior Lecturer at Questrom, gathers insights from a number of entrepreneurs.

The pandemic has forever changed business, completely disrupting some industries—like radio, office leasing and job search platforms—while giving birth to others, such as Force of Nature, an appliance that converts salt, water and vinegar into a disinfectant.

Tesary Lin, Assistant Professor, Marketing, explores recent changes in privacy protection, such as Apple’s new iOS 14, and their effects on advertisers. She explains why it will be harder for Apple and Google to track users and how advertisers can protect people’s privacy while effectively targeting them.