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Managing and growing a business is a challenge for every entrepreneur. How can that happen in a global pandemic? By staying nimble and pivoting where necessary. Hear first-hand lessons from leaders like Jason Ray, CEO and founder of Paperless Parts, a cloud-based platform that streamlines

COVID-19 revealed significant weaknesses in the global medical supply chain, leaving hospitals without masks, PPE, and other critical supplies at a time when they were most needed. What happened over the past year in this important sector, and what lessons can we learn from it

Financial automation, or robo-advising, is a quickly growing industry. Trends such as WallStreetBets, the subreddit that led the GameStop surge, have sparked interest in investing for young audiences. Apps such as Robinhood are growing rapidly and utilize robo-advising as their core services. Steven Kou, Questrom

For decades, many businesses have experienced a race to incorporate the newest and best technologies in their organizations. Professor of Information Systems and David J. McGrath Jr. Professor in Management Venkat Venkatraman sits down with Insights@Questrom to answer our questions on what businesses need to