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BU Today: Training for the Hybrid Office

Paul Hutchinson



Paul “Hutch” Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer in Management & Organizations, recently spoke with BU Today about how work is changing in the new hybrid workplace.

“When we’re all in the same place that people are being productive, so we can see that. The thing about working in a hybrid environment is, you can’t see that. And so you have to just trust that work is being done or you assess it in a different way.”

— Paul “Hutch” Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer in Management & Organizations

The conversation comes on the eve of a university-wide training on the same topic.

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Paul J. Hutchinson, "Hutch", is a Senior Lecturer at Boston University Questrom School of Business teaching in both the undergraduate and MBA programs. Hutch has worked with over 50,000 participants in teambuilding and leadership programs since he began practicing experiential education in 1996. Hutch’s recent professional work has focused on utilizing emerging technologies to enhance experiential learning, from GPS-based urban adventures to virtual teambuilding on-line.

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