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HR News: Workplace Diversity: 5 Benefits of an AI Recruitment Process

Fred Foulkes



Recently, Goldman Sachs announced that they would no longer take companies public that had non-diverse boards. This was met with both celebration and and a dose of skepticism. Fred Foulkes, Professor of Management & Organizations and Faculty Director of the Human Resources Policy Institute, spoke with HR News about the investor pragmatism behind such decisions.

The article goes on to explore the benefits of using AI in the recruitment process in order to enhance diversity in organizations by removing certain biases from the process.

Read the full article here.

Fred Foulkes is Professor of Management & Organizations at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Professor Foulkes has written numerous articles, including five published in the Harvard Business Review, and has developed over 160 case studies. Professor Foulkes is the founder and director of the Human Resources Policy Institute. The Institute is a partnership between Boston University's Questrom School of Business faculty and senior human resources executives. Its members include the heads of human resources for over 45 large, global companies, including Colgate-Palmolive, CVS, Fidelity, HP, IBM, P&G, and Raytheon.