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Insights Live: Should We Regulate Platforms? How?

Andrei Hagiu



Join Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom Professor in Management, as he hosts a panel of experts, including Andrei Hagiu, Associate Professor of Information Systems, to discuss whether platforms should be regulated, the implications of such actions, and possible solutions on how to regulate them.

Video Segments:

02:45 – Big agenda, Overcoming antitrust failures

Cristina Caffarra – Senior Consultant, Charles River Associates, Europe

13:55 – Challenges of developing economies, Jurisdiction cooperation

Tembinkosi Bonakele – Commissioner, South African Competition Commission

23:50 – Current frameworks fail on ecosystems, Gatekeeper obligations

Michael Jacobides – Sir Donald Gordon Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, London Business School

33:45 – Governance needed for innovation failures, Focus on interfaces

Carmelo Cennamo – Professor of Strategy & Innovation, Copenhagen Business School

42:59 – Interoperability, Problems for social networks, Ad tech

Fiona Scott-Morton – Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics, Yale University School of Management

52:24 – Gatekeeper concept, Distinguish biz models, Incumbent tactics, Annexation

Susan Athey – The Economics of Technology Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

1:03:06 – DMA not enough, Compare EU and UK proposals

Jacques Crémer – Professor of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics

1:12:58 – Data economies of scale, Repeatable AI/ML, New data rights

Geoffrey Parker – Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth Engineering

1:23:05 – Digital x-form > complex than physical: data, NW effects, Cross-industry

Marco Iansiti – David Sarnoff Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

1:32:00 – Problem of platforms operating in own markets, Remedies

Andrei Hagiu – Dean’s Research Scholar, Associate Professor of Information Systems, Boston University Questrom School of Business

1:42:04 – Flexible (not ad hoc) proportional solutions, Inclusive platforms

Daniel Sokol – Huber C. Hurst Eminent Scholar Chair in Law, University of Florida Levin College of Law

1:53:54 – Industrial econ remedy can hurt dynamic innovation

Henry Kahwaty – Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group

Andrei is a leading expert on platform strategy and business models. Prior to Questrom, he has taught platform strategy courses at Harvard Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. He uses the insights drawn from his research to advise and angel invest in start-ups building platform businesses, as well as to consult for large companies seeking to turn their products into platforms (e.g. ADP, Equifax, Intuit).

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