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Insights Live: The Journey of a Sustainable Food Start-Up

How does a food start-up achieve distribution at over 12,000 supermarkets, including Kroger’s, Stop & Shop, Costco, Publix, and Whole Foods, while promoting sustainable farming and business practices? Find out from alumna Lucy Halperin Zaro (Questrom ’77, CGS ’75), Chief Operating Officer of Sweet Loren’s, as she speaks to Questrom Professor Arzum Akkas about sustainable food supply chains and the successful growth journey of her company, now the third highest-selling fresh cookie dough company in the US.

Featured Speakers: Lucy Halperin Zaro (Questrom’77), Chief Operating Officer, Sweet Loren’s with Arzum Akkas, Assistant Professor, Operations & Technology Management, Boston University Questrom School of Business