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Diagnostic care health applications, enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), have become more widely available directly to consumers, including on mobile devices. However, consumers have been slow to adopt the use of such tools as they tend to trust human health care providers more than their AI analog. In a recent Harvard Business Review article co-authored by Chiara Longoni, assistant professor

Harvard Business Review recently published insight co-authored by Marshall Van Alstyne, Questrom Professor of Management and Professor of Information Systems, on the need to update Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. The article unpacks Section 230 and the growing consensus to rewrite its protections, while also explaining the reasons for opposing views.

How should the United States respond to the climate crisis? In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Professor of the Practice in Markets, Public Policy, and Law Peter Fox-Penner outlines his recommended framework for U.S. climate policy as lawmakers debate how best to address this critical issue. ABOUT OUR EXPERT PETER FOX-PENNER Professor of the Practice, Markets, Public Policy, & Law Peter Fox-Penner is Founder and

Workplace rules and habits have been scrambled by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated remote work revolution- but have employment laws and regulations kept up? Kabrina Chang, JD, Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Ethics at Questrom, explains the new legal landscape for employers and employees in this Insights@Questrom interview.How have employment laws changed since the pandemic in terms of disability,