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S1:E1 CVS Paying the “Pink Tax” on Certain Products and the Evolution of the Electric Vehicle Industry



In this episode of the Insights@Questrom Podcast, we talk to Associate Professor of Markets, Public Policy, & Law, Tal Gross, to discuss the recent announcement from CVS that they would be lowering the prices of their branded menstrual products. To do this they will eliminate what is commonly referred to as the “Pink Tax” and pay sales tax for such products in states that allow third parties to pay sales tax. Tal offers insights into the “Pink Tax”, price discrimination, and the concept of willingness to pay.

Also in this episode, Frederic Brunel, Associate Professor of Marketing, sits down with Michael Sherry to talk about the current evolution and revolution in the electric vehicle industry. This conversation covers everything from new competition entering the market to barriers to consumer adoption.

J.P. Matychak is Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Chief of Staff at BU Questrom School of Business. He also serves as the managing editor for Insights@Questrom and host of the Insights@Questrom Podcast. J.P. holds a BS in Business and Economics from Lehigh University, an MEd in Higher Education Management from the University of Pittsburgh, and an EdD in Administrative and Policy Studies in Higher Education from the University of Pittsburgh. J.P.’s research focuses on traditional strategic planning, new methods for strategic planning that infuse agile and design thinking methods, and leadership in higher education.

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