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Insights Live: Leveraging Marketing Information in a Changing Age

Between the abundance of marketing data out there and our constantly evolving environment, how can we leverage and process information effectively? Anne Bailey Berman (Questrom’80), co-founder of full-service market research company Chadwick Martin Bailey, has the answers.

With a broad consulting background, Anne Bailey Berman (Questrom’80) is focused on using market and organizational information to enhance business decision-making. As Co-Founder of Chadwick Martin Bailey, a full-service market research company, she has consulted in multiple industries, including financial services, healthcare, insurance, publishing, communications, technology, and utilities. She is on the Board of Directors at the Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, and a gubernatorial appointee to the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. She also serves on the Executive Committee of the Cape Cod Five Foundation, where she chairs their Technology Committee.

Featured Speakers: Anne Berman (Questrom’81), Co-Founder and Chair of Chadwick, Martin, Bailey with Barb Bickart, Senior Associate Dean, MBA Programs and Associate Professor, Marketing