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Estelle Yuan Sun, Associate Professor in Accounting at Questrom, discusses her recent research on firms disclosing information related to climate

Is it possible to map out entrepreneurship across the United States? Catherine Fazio, Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation, explains in

What does GDP measure and why should managers care about this metric in their businesses? Senior Lecturer of Markets, Public

Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy recently hosted a webinar featuring Associate Professor of Operations and Technology Management at Questrom

This episode of the Language of Business looks abroad at Japanese children’s clothing brand Miki House, online marketplace HireFive that

Managing and growing a business is a challenge for every entrepreneur. How can that happen in a global pandemic? By

COVID-19 revealed significant weaknesses in the global medical supply chain, leaving hospitals without masks, PPE, and other critical supplies at

Behavioral scientists have explored how certain nudges can influence individual behavior, but can those principles be applied to entire organizations?