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Expert Take: Measuring the Impact of Online Advertisements

How can companies effectively measure the impact of their advertisements online? Garrett Johnson, Assistant Professor in Marketing explains.

Garrett Johnson



In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Assistant Professor in Marketing Garrett Johnson discusses his innovative “ghost ad” methodology, a tool large corporations have begun adopting to refine how they reach consumers. Garrett’s research into this field recently won the prestigious Weitz-Winer-O’Dell Award from the Journal of Marketing Research.

Garrett Johnson is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at Boston University Questrom School of Business. His research on Internet Marketing examines online display advertising: the medium’s effectiveness and privacy issues. His ad effectiveness research uses large-scale experiments to measure how and how much ads work. His privacy research quantifies the value of online behavioral targeting to industry and considers the impact of policy & self-regulatory approaches. Prof. Johnson works with Internet companies—including Google and Yahoo!—to answer these questions with Internet-scale data.

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