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Expert Take: Behavioral Science in the Wild

What is Behavioral Science in the Wild? In this Expert Take, Nina Mazar, Professor of Marketing, and Dilip Soman, Canada Research Chair at the University of Toronto, discuss the newly published book, Behavioral Science in the Wild, and how it can assist managers in implementing research findings on behavioral change within their organizations.

Nina Mazar



Learn more about Nina and Dilip’s research and how managers can implement these findings in their own organizations in their new book, Behavioral Science in the Wild.

Nina Mazar is Professor of Marketing at Boston University Questrom School of Business. With her focus on behavioral economics, Nina investigates how expectations, emotions, peers, and random cues in the environment affect how people think about products, money, investments, and morality, and their implications for welfare, development, and policy. Her research topics range from the dishonesty of honest people to irrational attraction to free products, the paradoxes of green behavior, tax compliance, organ and blood donation, and nudges to reduce credit card delinquency.