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Expert Take: Trusting Medical Artificial Intelligence

Why do patients distrust Medical Artificial Intelligence technologies- and are they right to do so? In this Insights@Questrom Expert Take, Professor, Marketing Carey Morewedge and Assistant Professor, Marketing Chiara Longoni share the results of their latest research, which explores the reasons for patient skepticism of medical AI and suggests ways for health care providers to overcome those fears.

Chiara Longoni



Chiara Longoni is a behavioral scientist and Assistant Professor of Marketing at Boston University Questrom School of Business. Her research explores (i) the social impact of Artificial Intelligence and technology (ii) sustainability, (iii) consumer and societal welfare. Substantively, she specializes in issues related to medical decision making, sustainability in consumer and firm behavior, and messaging to promote consumer and societal well-being. Her work has been published, among others, in the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Marketing Research, the Journal of Marketing, Nature Human Behavior, and Nature Communications. Her work has also been featured in popular press outlets such as The Times, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, and Harvard Business Review, in practitioner outlets such as Infermedica and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, and podcasts such as Man & Machine and Dividing Into Data.